USA World Cup Jersey 2014 – US Soccer home and away kit

The amazing Soccer World Cup 2014 in Brazil is near to start, and the U.S. Soccer Federation released the USA World Cup jersey, here you will find the home and away uniforms that the American team is going to wear.

USA Soccer Home Jersey 2014 – World Cup in Brazil

The home kit presented by Nike, has a simple and classic design, it’s near all white with a thin tonal stripe. The jersey has a collar like a polo shirt, a white collar with red trim, the same red trim that the sleeves.

The USA World Cup kits come back to the classic U.S. Soccer crest, don’t stay the Centennial crest like many fans wanted. The classic crest has some changes, now the blue is brighter than the others. Also the golden ring changed, now is blue.

USA Soccer Team banner for this World Cup 2014 is ‘One Nation. One Team’ and we can find this message in the inner, but is only visible under UV lights.

USA Soccer Jersey 2014


Taking a look to the shorts and socks, like the jersey, these are white too. The USA Soccer shorts also have a red stripe on each side and again the crest on the right front side.

USA Soccer away jersey 2014 – US World Cup away kit

If the home uniform was a classic and simple, the away kit is very colorful, looks the exact opposite approach.

Taking a look to the USA Soccer away jersey 2014, it has a modern crew-neck collar and the American’s flag colors in three bands.

Above all jersey’s color and the cuff of the sleeves are red. In the center a white band and at the top and sleeves a bold blue color.

In the inner neck there is a tab featuring 13 red and white stripes, tribute to the first American flag of the original 13 colonies. USMNT has a really patriotic away jersey!

USA Soccer Away Jersey 2014


About the crest, same design than the home uniform, but this one only has two colors, blue and white.

The USA Soccer away shorts and socks have the same color, like the home kit, but these ones are red.

We would like to know what do you think about these kits, please comment and share!

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USA Soccer Jersey 2012/2013 – U.S. Soccer: Two teams, one jersey

The USA soccer home jersey men’s and women’s national teams was presented by Nike the April, 2012. This soccer jersey made debut in the field in the matches that the USA teams played at home at the end of May of 2012.

Like Nike said, the home kit of USA combines heritage and the patriotism in a bold new design that the Men’s and Women’s teams debut on the field that summer. The jersey as in other occasions, it combines the colors of the American flag with a blue crew neck collar and a body with red and white stripes.

The jersey also features a tonal sash, the same design as the jerseys worn by the U.S. Men Soccer Team in the famous 1950 finals in Brazil, when U.S. Team defeated England.

First USA soccer jersey same for men and women

Two kits, male and female, are visually identical, although the women’s team kit is designed specifically for female athletes. It is designed to improve range of motion, creating an unique feminine silhouette. American Stars and Stripes flag, which is lovingly called as ‘Old Glory’, is placed inside the back of the neck on both kits, a message to inspire pride to the nation.

The new shorts that accompany this soccer jersey are blue. Socks that introduce an improvement, better cushioning for comfort, to facilitate movement and improve protection, are white with a blue band on the top.

USA Soccer Jersey 2013

Following the Nike line with the commitment that combines athletic performance with a less environmental impact, each kit of the U.S. Soccer is realized by an average of 13 recycled plastic bottles. The shorts are made with Dri-FIT technology and made of 100% recycled polyester. The jersey is made with the same technology and with a minimum of 96% recycled polyester. With this kit Nike has achieved that it is 23% lighter and 20% more resistant than the previous kits.

The Nike Dri-FIT technology works to wick away the moisture and helps to regulate the corporal temperature of the player during the games. The shirts as other occasions have ventilation holes on the sides to facilitate the ventilation and cooling. These holes are cut in laser to obtain the best posible finished.

The U.S. Soccer released a video with some funny scenes featuring the US WNT players. In the video you can see below, several players prove the USA soccer jersey and tell us their impressions. A few days before the match, the players got to try on the jerseys for the first time.

This jersey design was announced on April 16 2012 for the US Soccer in a statement on its website. It is necessary to emphasize that with this kit, was the first time in the history that the US Soccer national team of men and the woman shared the same jersey.

U.S. Soccer: Two teams, one jersey

This was accompanied with a slogan “Two teams, one jersey,” a campaign that Nike used to promote this kit. Observing the two jerseys, we can see that in the women’s jersey there are two stars on the shield of U.S. Soccer, and there aren’t in the men’s shirt. The stars in the USA soccer women’s jersey, refer to the World Cups that they won in 1991 and 1999.

This design caused many controversy, there was a lot of criticism on social media platforms. The fans of the USA Soccer Team have compared it with the jersey of Where is Waldo, and a lot of them do not like this design.

The realization of the video with the girls of USA Soccer was a good move by U.S. Soccer. It came to the fans and made to be spoken over the kit debut. Everyone will have their opinion about this USA soccer jersey, but remains clear that becomes one of the most remembered in the history of USA Soccer Team.

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